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Experience healthcare redefined. A complete suite of science backed treatments that begin at the cellular level and end with total life wellness. Learn about our process…



Our state-of-the-art treatments offer solutions not available through traditional, insurance backed facilities.

Hyperbaric Chamber

State of the art new chambers allowing maximum flexibility and range of oxygen treatments along with comfort and safety.

PBM Chamber

Photobiomodulation Therapy: a cornerstone of the emerging field of energy medicine. A non-invasive therapy, it affects wellness, cognition, aesthetics, and performance.

Physical Wellness Advisory

Under the guidance of a board certified physician, all clientele will be assessed for testing and modalities that will help you achieve your ultimate wellness goals

Hyperbaric Chamber

State of the art new chambers allowing maximum flexibility and range of oxygen treatments along with comfort and safety.

Personal Training

Provide motivation, consistency of training, confidence in exercise, avoid injury, individual attention and develop programs to help with aging gracefully

PBM Chamber

PBM is an easy wellness modality that uses infrared light to produce beneficial outcomes for the whole body. Promoting wound healing, tissue regeneration, pain management and muscle recovery.

IV Therapy Private

We offer intravenous treatments for vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are delivered directly into the bloodstream.

Physical Therapy

Helps clients one-on-one to get back full strength and movement in key parts of the body after an illness or injury

Private Duty Nursing

Services are available and will be supporting pre and post operative elective surgery recovery in addition to general wellness treatments

Registered Dietician Nutritionist

Individual trained in the science of nutrition and practice of dietetics to design and provide medical nutritional therapy and other evidence-based programs

Sleep Management

Variety of practices and habits that are necessary to have good nighttime sleep quality and full daytime alertness

Regenerative Joint Treatment

Innovative, minimally invasive treatment using amniotic cells to treat acute sports injuries and chronic joint, soft tissue and disc degeneration


You’re a client, not a patient.

Speak to our Wellness Physician to create a holistic treatment plan. Book now and start living your best life today.

What clients are saying…

“Dr. Carrie Bordinko, MD is truly an innovator in her field.. Navigating the health care system is difficult for anyone.  Finding a great physician is often very difficult. Being technically sound and a good physician is just a start. But having one that will actually listen to you as a patient, who will know and understand your entire and complex medical history, one who will consider your opinion  is what makes a good physician a great physician. In 15 years of practice I have met few who do what she does.”


– Trent Nessler DPT
Physical Therapist | Author | Innovator in Movement Science National Director of Sports Innovation at Select Medical

“It all starts with a smile! We have used Concierge Doctors before, but none with Carrie’s (she prefers an informal) approach to being your advisor. Since we started using her services a few months ago I have personally reduced my daily pill regimen by 60%–It turned out that I did not need the other medications, but past Doctors had just written the script and sent me on my way.”
–Phillip W. Smith
Chairman Emeritus and Strategic Advisor TASER International Inc

“Benessair health is everything I wished for in a wellnesscenter. Here I can finally go to one place to see top notch professionals forall my health and fitness treatments and services.  They just make my life easier.”


– Earl Petznick, Jr.
President/CEO Northside Hay Co.

This is not just any health clinic, it is a healing clinic. They don’t heal you, but they do throw everything possible at helping you to heal yourself. I had Covid in mid January and despite all of my best efforts, I was struggling to recover. To be honest, at times, I did wonder if I would ever feel truly well again. I read an article online about Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment to treat long Covid and the Benessair Clinic offered the treatment and was near to my home.

The clinic was founded by the extraordinary Dr Carrie Bordinko and she has assembled the most amazingly caring team in a beautiful state of the art facility, with special thanks to Toby, Sonya and Nick.

After booking only a brief consultation with Dr Bordinko, I was astounded that the consultation evolved into a plan for my hopeful recovery. Six weeks on, I am actually in an unimaginably better health place than before I had Covid. Each week, I have had scheduled treatments and each week I am stronger than before. The Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments are like a one hour holiday which refreshes, relaxes and revives. The ever watchful, very caring Toby is always nearby and he will ensure that you are always comfortable. These very modern Hyperbaric Oxygen chambers are constructed of mainly open glass with steel supports and even utterly claustrophobic patients will sail through.

The hour passes so quickly and a bonus was that I was able to catch up on my favourite Netflix programmes. I can’t speak for everyone who has been fortunate enough to pass through the doors of this clinic, but I am absolutely thrilled with the brilliant, kind and professional care that I have received. Everyone should be so lucky to be cared for here.


Lady Kay Ord

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