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Hyperbaric Chamber

Enliven Your Cells with Pure Oxygen

Unlock your cells’ potential in our state-of-the art Hyperbaric Chamber.

Hyperbaric oxygen involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber that is safe and beneficial for healing all areas of the body. The increased air pressure allows your body’s tissues to gather more oxygen than you would under normal conditions. This boosts the immune system and carries the oxygen through your body to help fight bacteria and aid in the release of growth factors and stem cells to promote healing.

How Hyperbaric Treatments Help

Athletic Performance

Optimize your athletic performance and recovery by going above and beyond. Hyperbaric treatment is a fast-forward for cellular healing and recovery. By flushing tissues with high levels of oxygen, athletes may experience increased stem cell activation, faster bone and cartilage regeneration, and reduced muscle fatigue and exhaustion.

Neurological Treatment

Enhance the healing of brain and spinal cord injuries. Hyperbaric treatment allows oxygen to infuse with the liquid components your body needs to heal after neurological trauma including blood, plasma and cerebral fluids. Through treatment, your body receives a boost in oxygen penetration where it’s needed most, helping to treat the areas affected by injury.

Cellular Detoxification

Unlock the secret of cellular health. The increased pressure and oxygen concentration supersaturate the blood and tissues with oxygen at the cellular level, enhancing your body’s ability to heal. The pressurized oxygen aids the body in the elimination of excess fluids and swelling. With that release of inflammation, harmful chemicals and toxins are carried out of the cells and out of the body.

Plastic Surgery Recovery

Hyperbaric oxygen before and after surgery can reduce pain and swelling, improve circulation, speed up recovery and even improve results. Patients undergoing face lifts, eyelid lifts, breast augmentation, nasal reconstruction, abdominal surgery, chemical and laser peels, as well as liposuction have benefited from pre-op and post-op hyperbaric treatments.

In lieu of this prescription, Benessair Health offers a $150 physician clearance prior to your first treatment.

Benessair Health physician clearance fee may be credited to your tenth treatment.

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