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In The News: Benessair Offers a Cutting-Edge, Customized Path to Overall Wellness

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It’s never too late to decide that tomorrow is a new day” is the motto of Carrie Bordinko, M.D. As the owner and CEO at Benessair, and a personal physician to some of the top celebrities and athletes in the world, she is well-versed in cutting-edge treatments that can offer new beginnings.

Bordinko has built a career providing medical advice and treatment to the elite, giving her an inside look at some of the latest treatments and technologies in health and wellness. These are modalities that would be out of reach for those of us who can’t drop millions on them—until now. Seeing how her patients benefited from the latest technology and treatments, she recently opened Benessair, a premium medical treatment facility specializing in cell health, longevity, and overall well-being, located in Paradise Valley.

“I wanted to bring all of these health and wellness modalities—combined with expertly trained physicians—under one roof for everyday consumers,” Bordinko explains. “These modalities focus on cellular health and are evidence-based technologies that, until now, have only been accessible to celebrities and professional athletes.”

Some of the over 20 modalities offered at Benessair include: hyperbaric chambers, regenerative joint treatment, a photobiomodulation (PBM) chamber, and more. Other services include physical training, sleep management, diet and nutrition management, soft tissue massage, and others. Bordinko says that many of the modalities focus on cellular health.

“For example, the PBM chamber is a modality that helps to promote cellular movement and revs up healing,” she explains. “Many clients who use it felt better after one treatment. That’s what makes it all worth it.”

Bordinko says the best way to get a look at all of their available modalities is to visit the Benessair website and watch video tours of the facility and process.

So how does it work? It starts out with a consultation with a qualified physician to help you decide what modalities are needed for your path to wellness. Once a plan is created, clients can choose the different modalities that work best for their targeted health goals.

“I’ve been a doctor to the elite of the world, and as a private physician, I always wanted to get down to the root cause of the health issues to help create healthier, stronger clients,” Bordinko shares. “All of these modalities are amazing, but for the average client, you become at a loss on where to send them. I wanted to make these modalities more accessible to the public, so the health results were more achievable.”

Bordinko notes that Benessair doesn’t take health insurance and isn’t membership-based. It’s priced out so that its modalities are accessible for clients and can also be covered with HSA or FSA dollars, as all treatments are medically supervised.

In addition to treating their own clients, Bordinko says that Benessair will be giving back to the community through regular outreach, including speakers that will touch on motivational, wellness, and innovative medical topics.

“We believe it’s possible for anyone to maximize their total wellness at any age, no matter where you are,” she affirms. “Our motto ‘Live Better, Longer’ isn’t just a clever tagline. It’s a promise to help you do it.”

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