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Infusion Therapy (IV)

A Direct Path To Total Nutrient Health

“I was referred to Dr. Bordinko from two of her other patients. I have been going now for IV vitamins and hydration and love it. My wife goes for laser bed for her sciatic issue and for massage. We couldn’t be happier with our experience!!”

– Rocco Falco

Feel your best with the vitamins you need for optimal health

Infusion/IV therapy can be used to treat multiple acute injuries or nutritional deficiencies. We offer intravenous treatments to deliver fluids, nutrients and medication directly into your bloodstream to treat symptoms such as dehydration, workout exhaustion, jet lag, migraines or boosts vitamin and mineral levels to support your overall wellness.

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For Even More Healing Results, Combine Infusion Therapy With…

PBM Chamber

If you spend some time in PBM (Red Light Therapy) before your Infusion, we’ve found that the PBM bed warms you up and makes your Infusion go that much more smoothly!

With the right Infusion choice, the hydration and vitamins you receive can greatly increase your performance while working out. Why not test that boost in our boutique gym!

What’s Better For You? Vitamin Supplements or IV Therapy?

Enter any pharmacy or natural-foods store, and you’ll see shelves upon shelves of vitamin and mineral supplements. From vitamin A to zinc, there are pills that contain every essential element for the human body. However, not everyone responds well to pills, and you might be spending a lot of money on supplements that don’t provide the full benefits. Here’s the truth about vitamin supplements — and why IV therapy might be the better choice for you.

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