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Infusion Therapy

A direct path to nutrient health

Feel your best with the vitamins you need for optimal health

IntraVenous (IV) Infusion Therapy can be used to treat multiple acute injuries or nutritional deficiencies. We offer intravenous treatments for vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are delivered directly into the bloodstream.

Infusion Menu

Get Up & Go

IV fluids with dextrose for an added energy kick.

Live Better, Longer!

Our signature Meyers Cocktail.

Immune Booster

Feel the natural immune fighting powers of Vitamin C (infused directly in a much higher dosing than you can orally consume) combined with Zinc and Glutathione. Prime your immune cells for battle.

Workout Bump

Feeling drained between your workouts and needing something more than a recovery day? This combination of Electrolytes, Magnesium, and B Vitamins with an oral shot of intense amino acids can get the power back in your training.

The Day After

Wishing you could erase last night? This is the perfect combination of fluids and B Vitamins with an additive called NAC that will flush out the toxins and give you a jump start on a new day.

Hydrate Me

A flush of fluids to get your kidneys nourished. It can be combined with additives specific to your current medical ailments.


Nothing works better on a tough migraine than IV fluids paired with anti-nausea medication and anti-inflammatory additives in a relaxing and calm environment.

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