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Open Gym

A Playground of Fitness for You to Use

The Boutique, Semi-Private Gym You’ve Been Waiting For Has Arrived!

Benessair Health is now offering membership packages to transform our space to an Open Gym! Benessair’s training facility will be operating as a small area that focuses on group exercises and individual fitness for those who wish to avoid the crowds. Membership packages are 6-month commitments.

This Package Includes:

  • Unlimited gym access during business hours – Monday through Friday 6AM to 6PM, Saturday 6AM to 2PM.
  • Unlimited access to our new mini-group fitness classes offered 3-4 times per day with a maximum of 4 members per class. [class details later below]
  • Easy online booking for classes through the Benessair app.
  • Use of all cardio equipment, functional fitness wall, kettlebells, free weights, TRX, and sled.
  • Discounted upgrade to a Personal Training session with notice.


Due to the complex nature of the Tytax machines, they will only be available when working with our outstanding training staff to ensure client safety and wellbeing.



High intensity interval cardio training with strength and power training built into the program. This class is designed to boost your endurance and stamina, get your heat rate up, build lean muscle mass and, of course, sweat.


Power and strength beautifully blended. This class is a combination of strength and power designed to push your muscles to the max. This full body, high intensity strengthening class will build strength and build your strongest self.


Interval style of training for the musculature of the abs including both body weight and resistance modalities. This class is designed to sculpt and strengthen the muscles of your core to both improve stability, reduce back pain, and get the set of abs you’ve been dreaming of!


Get up and get moving with our mobility class. This class is the perfect blend of static stretching along with breathing and range of motion exercises to help unlock those stiff joints and loosen your tight muscles.

For Even More Performance Results, Combine Open Gym With…

PBM (Red Light Therapy)

Getting the energy needed to complete a training session can be difficult, but we have an easy solution for you! Pair Open Gym with PBM’s (Red Light Therapy) Energy Boost setting and feel like you could lift a mountain!

Physical Therapy

Worried about getting an injury while working out? No problem, Physical Therapy at Benessair can work you through techniques and exercises to help recover from and even prevent any potential injury!

Personal Training

Need that extra motivational boost or guidance for your work outs? Our top-notch personal trainers are here to assist you in your fitness goals from start to finish!

What Should You Do First – Cardio or Weights?

One of the most common questions that people ask about their workout is whether they should do cardio before weights (strength training) or the other way around.

Many people struggle with this question every time they go to the gym. Unfortunately, even many experts are divided on the issue.

Many experts advise you to do cardio after weight training. The reasoning behind this strategy is that starting with cardio saps too much energy for anaerobic work or strength training and exhausts the muscles before even completing the most strenuous activity.

But, many other experts posit that putting strength training first in your regimen exhausts the muscles too much and depletes stored carbohydrates. It’s believed this process will reinforce fat burning during cardio because of the lack of sugar for fuel. Unfortunately, there is no credible data to support this claim.


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