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Benessair Health

If you had to create a new medical experience for yourself, what would it look like?

If you could create the perfect medical experience for yourself would you make yourself wait in a waiting room for an hour only to be seen by a physician’s assistant instead of the doctor?

Would you set up all the different services you need in different buildings around town so you have to drive to each one separately?

Would you create a system where your insurance would only approve outdated technology and never promote overall health and preventative care?

At Benessair we’ve created a new kind of medical treatment facility.

A place that can treat both acute medical conditions as well as structure wellness programs for overall health, weight management and athletic performance.

A place that takes advantage of all the latest technology and human knowledge to improve wellbeing from the cells up.

A place that provides a luxury experience with tailored health programs, no wait times and a truly customized experience.

We believe it’s possible for anyone to maximize their total wellness at any age or stage of life.

Our motto “Live Better, Longer” isn’t just a clever tagline. It’s a promise to help you do it.

“I founded Benessair Health to create a premium, total wellness experience for my clients. To do that, we had to combine both medical facilities as well as science backed alternative treatments that promote total wellness. Couple that with a luxury experience, we’re redefining the possibilities for what a visit to the doctor can be.”

-Dr. Carrie Bordinko

“The heart is the engine and gives us our energetic direction for ourselves and how we connect with others.

Funny that was the most important thing I had to find for myself in the last few years. What do I want? Why do I want it?

The “feeling” I wanted was happiness through inspiration of higher things. After I figured that out, I knew which step was mine to take to wire it in. The universe presents us all with a thousand tiny decisions everyday. It’s self “knowing” that puts us on our right road and gives us our personal compass for our best life possible.” –Cory Fuhr, Artist commissioned to create a sculpture for the Benessair lobby. Pictured are both Cory and the sculpture he created, Ben.

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