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See Red Light Therapy in a Whole New Light

Imagine Red Light Therapy optimized to its maximum potential… You are now picturing Photobiomodulation (PBM). Whole body Photobiomodulation is a cornerstone of the emerging field of energy medicine. This non-invasive therapy simultaneously affects wellness, cognition, aesthetics and performance. Extensive studies on PBM suggest that the therapy has the ability to treat a range of ailments from hair loss to diabetes.

Four Modalities to Optimize your Healing


SuperSets employ frequencies of light attempting to cleanse specific tissues, organs and areas of their toxic loads. Two separate treatments toward a particular area (e.g. Skin, Liver, etc.) is recommended to fully “detox” that part of your body before moving forward with the next sets

Invader Sets

Invader Sets are designed to target the specific frequencies of pathogens at the root of many illnesses and ailments. This system targets an assessment with frequencies designed to break apart the pathogens at the root of that assessment. Invader Sets are the next level up from SuperSets targeting more specific ailments

Quantum Imprinting Codes (QI Codes)

QI Codes are designed to implement formulations into the body blueprint to “code” wellness into a specific tissue, organ or system. QI Codes are the perfect counterpart to the cleansing done after Supersets and Invader Sets. QI Codes are the recommended sets for all people, whether you are on a recovery plan or doing PBM for general wellness

Self-Program Express

Self-Programming Express Sets allow you to mix your own wavelength combinations with your favorite pulsing protocols. Times available range from 6 to 12 minutes with protocols that create shorter, but still powerful versions of options found in SuperSets and QI Codes

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For Even More Healing Results, Combine PBM With…

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

While PBM super charges your cells, Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) can boost them further by exposing them to pure oxygen, inciting total healing!

Personal Training

Set your PBM settings to an Energy Boost and get ready to feel a fantastic workout with one of our talented personal trainers!

Infusion Therapy (IV)

The effects of PBM’s light therapy can boost the circulation of your blood, allowing Infusion (IV) Therapy to be smoother and more effective

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The Power of PBM and Light

Photobiomodulation has been around for 3,000 years. Despite all that time, many are hesitant to accept it in the medical community. What has changed in recent times is the rapid increase in the number of FDA approved PBM devices on the market alongside many studies on the positive effects of PBM

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