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What Is a Private Duty Nurse?

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A private duty nurse (or PDN) is a medical professional who provides personalized, one-on-one medical care to someone in their home rather than at a facility. 

Private duty nursing is chosen by the young and old alike for numerous reasons, including treating injuries or extended illnesses, medicine management or transitioning back to everyday life during recovery. 

Here are just a few reasons why people choose private duty nursing over other medical care options:

PDNs Are Licensed

The ability to recover from surgery or illness in the comfort of your own home can be appealing. It allows you to avoid the stress of a busy medical facility while still meeting your needs.

Chances are you’ve heard of at-home caretakers. Admittedly, it’s a very broad title, and that’s because it encompasses multiple fields with different skill sets. Some at-home caretakers perform tasks that don’t require medical training or licensing. 

By comparison, PDNs have to meet strict federal licensing standards and come to the job with years of experience under their belts that set them apart from volunteers and even other nursing professionals. Many PDNs have backgrounds as registered nurses or licensed nurse practitioners and perform the same duties. 

PDN’s Provide Multiple forms of Relief

Much like the nurses who treat you in a hospital, private duty nurses provide multiple forms of care. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Treating and monitoring wounds following surgery
  • Treating and monitoring infections
  • Managing and dispensing medication
  • Changing bandages and wraps
  • Helping with mobility-related issues during recovery
  • Feeding a patient meals

A private duty nurse is not the same as a traditional caregiver in that they don’t assist with daily needs like cooking and cleaning.

The most important thing a PDN does, however, is make healing at home safe. By taking responsibility for family members and utilizing their professional experience, PDNs allow effective, proper recovery at home possible without sacrificing the quality of care or increasing risk.

PDNs Don’t Work Alone

Whether you hire a private duty nurse for long-term nursing care for an elderly family member or lend a temporary hand, a PDN works as part of a network. For example, they will always report back to your primary care physician or facility as needed. 

Regardless of why they are caring for you, be it injury or illness, they carefully monitor and record your condition every day that they see you. A PDN will recognize changes in pulse, heart rate, breathing and other bodily functions and vital signs that could indicate an improving or worsening condition with their expertise.

A private duty nurse will have extensive training in various aspects of treatment and recovery. Still, they ultimately follow the instructions provided by your physician or healthcare provider or a director of nursing, even when you’re recovering at home. They can then continue their care based on the recommendations made by your physician or provider to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need.

Depending on your medical needs, you may need help from other types of caregivers alongside your PDN. If that’s ever the case, you can count on your nurse to work and communicate with the other parts of your healthcare team as needed so that they can maintain an accurate picture of your situation. 

PDNs Are Personal

When you’re recovering in a hospital or intensive care unit for more than a day, you’ll most likely have multiple nurses tending to your needs. Their schedules could mean you go days without seeing the same nurse and you may only see them for a few minutes when you do.

It can be challenging to feel comfortable when those taking care of you keep changing. Since a private duty nurse is working in your home and not a facility, they may be with you for long periods or the full term of your recovery.

They’ll get to know and understand both you and your needs personally over time. Most importantly, you will be their only focus while they’re in your home so that they won’t be rushed or exasperated by a full schedule of patients. 

A vital component of one-on-one care is building a trusting, friendly relationship between you and your caregiver. On top of their professional credentials, your private duty nurse will always work to earn, develop and keep your trust as they work for you. Rest assured that everything they do will be in your best interest and with a friendly, caring demeanor.

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