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How to Get Better Sleep: Ask the Sleep Doctor

How to Get Better Sleep: Ask the Sleep Doctor

Better Living Through Better Rest

We all love the wonder of a good night’s sleep. The relaxation, rejuvenation, and even the stress relief inherent in quality sleep is the foundation of a healthy and productive life. And don’t you just feel happier and more fulfilled after you get the rest you need?

Rest for the Rest of Us

Sadly, too few people get the type of sleep, the amount of sleep, or the quality of sleep they need to give them the experience of being rested and refreshed. Many of us wake up groggy, fighting the urge not to roll over and get a few more minutes, and we trudge through the day like zombies fueled by caffeine.

The problem is, we take on a lot during the day, and that carries over into our home life, which follows into our sleeping time. Stress, emotions, aches, even our neuroses can affect the rest we manage to get after closing our eyes at night. And a lot of this can be resolved with some better sleep habits and some pre-bed meditation.

Good Habits to Learn

Proper sleep habits aren’t a mystery. Some of them are as simple as taking some time to power down your mind and body. Some can change drastically if you pick a better sleep position or switch sides of the bed, and many can be adjusted and even improved with a quick consultation with a sleep doctor. Sleep disorders are all-too-common, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Benessair Health is here to help. Our experienced sleep doctor has some tips to help get you to that terrific zeta level deep sleep we all strive for but often miss out on:

  1. Schedule It

    Develop a routine. The body craves order and routine. Have you woken up just minutes before your alarm? You have a biological clock that informs your body of what to do and when. When you accustom yourself to waking up at the same time every day with external stimuli, your body begins to “program” itself to do the same sans alarm. If you do the same with bedtime, the same internal reaction applies. Stick to your schedule regardless of the day, and accustom yourself to a routine that works for your lifestyle.

  2. Watch Your Intake

    Have you ever slept after a big meal? You drift off out of physical exhaustion but feel like a ton of bricks is resting on your torso. Likewise, when going to bed hungry your body will gripe at you until you fuel the machine. Along with your sleep schedule, eating at the appropriate time (and an appropriate amount) is paramount. Keep an eye on when your last caffeinated or alcoholic beverage was consumed as well. You want to leave hours between your last drink or bite and your rest for your body to metabolize and dedicate itself to sleep.

  3. A Zen Space

    What makes you feel at peace? Is it a well-organized home? The sound of the waves crashing on the beach? Or something more specific? Peaceful sleep starts with a calm mind, and clutter and chaos do not allow the mind to drift into that restful state. It would be best to make your home into an environment where peace can envelop every inch of the space, including you. And if you like white noise, ASMR, or gentle music, there is an app for that.

  4. No Napping

    We realize that if you aren’t getting sleep at night, your body still wants to get those last few precious minutes and desires a little siesta during the daytime. This is a mistake. Napping during the day throws off the chemistry of quality sleep. If you must nap, set a timer for 30 minutes. It might seem like a small amount, but that power nap will do the trick. You may find that longer naps actually tend to leave you feeling more drained than before, defeating the purpose and throwing off your cycle.

  5. Exercise is Wise

    Lethargy, a sedentary life, and malaise are the three biggest causes of fatigue and weight gain, not to mention the slow blood flow and metabolic rates. Perhaps it’s time to take a walk or a run, or play a high-activity sport. Getting your body into a more active state will help to burn energy during the day and sleep better at night to recharge.

  6. Medical Causes

    As part of any physical, whether you are donating plasma or getting a CDL DOT physical, doctors are instructed to check for sleep apnea signs, such as swollen lymph nodes and the size of your neck. It is also possible you have chronic insomnia and think it is just stress. If you are doing everything correctly and still can’t get the sleep you need, it might be time to see the sleep doctor.


Achieving your best sleep is an excellent step toward the start of your wellness journey. Sleep management includes many practices to improve your sleep to provide you alertness for your day, give your body the time it needs to heal, and repair and reset your daily life. These are all some important ways for you to take charge and make changes to improve your sleep.

Start your wellness journey today and book a sleep management appointment at Benessair Health. We provide a wide range of services to optimize your overall wellness including Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Infusion Therapy, and Genetic Testing. We use the latest technology and cutting edge science to provide proactive solutions to improve your health before issues arise.

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