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Physical Therapy

Your Path to Injury Recovery and Prevention

Having broken my back and been paralyzed below the waist, I’ve spent years with physical therapists and massage therapists, so I’m speaking from experience: the physical therapy and massage I received at Benessair are without a doubt the very best I’ve ever experienced in my life.” – Britt Bennett

Uncover the way the complete injury recovery and prevention

Our Physical Therapists help clients one-on-one to get back to full strength and regain movement after illness or injury. Benessair Health’s PTs go above and beyond for you, showing you exercises and movements to continue performing even after your appointment. Additionally, our facility is equipped with all the latest technologies not usually available in a standard physical therapy studio and more, enabling you to Live Better, Longer!

Utilizing a combination of cutting edge techniques, you’ll…

Relieve pain

Boost coordination

Build strength

Increase endurance

Increase flexibility and range of motion and improve overall performance.

For Even More Healing Results, Combine Physical Therapy With…

Hyperbaric Chamber

While Physical Therapy assists you with healing through use of special techniques, take a visit to the Hyperbaric Chamber to complete your recovery through the healing power of oxygen!

Massage Therapy

Once Physical Therapy gets you moving after injury, get a Massage to fully loosen your tissue to further your total recovery!

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