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Best place for one on one training.  Best place for massage, by far! Best place for any kind of bio-hacking or anti aging information, IV Drips and one of my favorites Hyperbaric Chamber! Change your life!! Get a better life! Come here!”

– JohnJay Van Es

The Personal Training Experience You’ve Needed is Here!

Benessair Health’s one of a kind Personal Training is designed for you to reach your fitness goals. Our personal trainers are here to provide you with a training experience that will leave you winded! With backgrounds in various fitness specialities, you’ll find a trainer that will guarantee you meet your fitness goals!

What Can You Focus On With Personal Training?




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For even more Performance Results, Combine Personal Training With…

PBM (Red Light Therapy)

Getting the energy needed to complete a training session can be difficult, but we have an easy solution for you! Pair Training with PBM’s (Red Light Therapy) Energize setting and feel like you could lift a mountain!

Physical Therapy

Worried about getting an injury while working out? No problem, Physical Therapy at Benessair can work you through techniques and exercises to help recover from and even prevent any potential injury!

Massage Therapy

After you’ve tensed up working out, have a Massage to help loosen that soft-tissue up and put your mind in a state of relaxation!

The Ultimate Personal Training Guide

Are you looking to level up your game in the gym, and get the results you desire?


An effective workout program involves much more than just heading to the gym and moving your body. Preparation is the key to success in any area of life. Your pre-workout rituals are just as important to master as the movements in your actual workout. As you progress through your pre-workout routine you will move closer and closer to being fully present and be able to focus one hundred percent on your workout. Both physically and mentally.

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